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About Us & Our Vision

It is our vision to become the most respected electrical contractor for construction, and service in the commercial and residential electrical sectors in the Lower Mainland.

To continually reach for our vision through higher levels of achievement and to excel in creating and maintaining:

Total customer satisfaction, confidence, and enthusiasm.

An environment dedicated to high employee morale, honesty, integrity, and teamwork.

Strong and sustainable profitability.

We will achieve our mission by striving to attain the highest standards of excellence each and every day. 

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Arthur Kavanagh

Arthur has been a natural leader since the age of 18. During his first year of electrical construction, he was recognized by Nightingale Electrical Ltd. for his work ethic and strong communication skills. He was given the opportunity to lead a crew of electricians in the construction of a 7-story low-rise concrete building. At the completion of the project, coupled with a 4-year apprenticeship, Arthur moved away from inner city construction sensing bigger opportunities in Northern Alberta.

He got his first job in the oil sands in Fort Mackay, Alberta in 2012. With no relative industrial training, he carried his leadership and essentials skills with him. During his time up North, he held multiple management positions such as: Electrical Foreman, Electrical General Foreman, and Commissioning Lead. Within 2 years, he had overseen crews of up to 60 electricians.

Hardships of remote work aside, the funds accumulated from projects across Canada allowed him to settle back home again in Vancouver to open his own premiere electrical contracting company: Kato Electrical Inc. The foundational pillars being: highest quality contracting services and materials, superior installations and an energizing work environment.

Arthur keeps his relationships as his number one business priority because that is the key to a happy client. To him, creating beautiful spaces is about more than a neat lighting arrangement. It’s also about ensuring the client’s needs and desires are met and he’s involved in the projects from inception to close.

In his spare time, Arthur enjoys staying in shape by hiking, working out at the local gym and spends of the rest of his time socializing with his loved ones.

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Project Manager

Make Jake laugh by buying him a coffee. He’s never had one before. (I know, we can’t believe it either!)

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Kayla Beiler
Marketing Director

Keeping these guys in check when need be.

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Daren Johannesen
Service Manager

In competition with Arthur to grow the longest beard

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Calvin Swanson

He’s holding onto his last hairs trying to keep up with these young bucks.

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Robert Traeger

Battin’ the babes off since the 80’s.

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Bryan Richardson

This kiwi’s on a work permit trying to prove himself he’s worth keeping on the team. ;D

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Richard Sharma

Bending pipe and doing commercial jobs is this guy’s expertise.

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Liam Goddard
Lead Hand

Our youngest addition. Just bought him his first screw driver a month ago.

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Calvin Zhou
Lead Hand

Challenge Calvin to switch a plug under his record breaking time of 3 minutes.